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Stuff I Get Asked Pretty Often:

  • does a reader make an author happy? I don't actually get asked this, but I wished I was.

  • much of Vanessa Michael Munroe is based on me? Besides our shared blood lust and affinity for sharp knives, of course.

  • ...why didn't I just write a male character instead of creating a woman who could handle working in a man's world? To that end, don't miss this one on how gender-swapping kickass women are nothing new.

  • the Vanessa Michael Munroe books have to be read in chronological order?
    The short answer is no. The longer version: I do my best to keep each story self-contained, providing just enough backstory that it’s possible to fall into any book in the series and pick up from there, but not so much as to annoy those who’ve started at the beginning and heard it all before. When it comes to plot, each book is a standalone and one could read a single volume, or all of them, in order or out of order, and each story will work well in isolation. However, there is an arc that flows from the beginning, where the characters—just like real people—are affected and changed by prior events. For readers who read primarily for plot and thrills, the chronology won’t matter. For those who read as much for character as for plot, there will probably be a richer reading experience by at least including the first book, THE INFORMATIONIST, at some point.

  • what is the chronological order of the Vanessa Michael Munroe series?

      ~~ THE DOLL
      ~~ THE VESSEL (a novella that ties up loose ends from THE DOLL and leads into THE CATCH)
      ~~ THE CATCH
      ~~ THE MASK

  • do I get signed copies of your books?
    Only rarely do I have extra copies of my titles on hand. Strange, I know, but I only write the books--the publisher is the one who prints them, so they're the guys with the warehouses and extra stock. The best bet for getting signed books is to look at the events page and check in with bookstores where I have done signings in the past. Other than that, if you keep a lookout for future events and I happen to be coming to your area, you can bring backlist with you and I will happily sign what you have, and/or you can call upcoming events and purchase/pre-order from them over the phone. If you want a book personalized, they are usually pretty good about getting requests to me when I'm signing.

  • VIDEO:

    Filmed at the Cuyahoga Library in Cleveland shortly after The Innocent published, this Q&A session is about forty-five minutes long and should load in a separate window. It takes a little bit for the actual Q&A to load, so please be patient. [This is a backup link that will take you directly to the Cuyahoga Library page.]


    For a whole slew of more recent fun conversations, Q&A, and general entertainment from Yours Truly, be sure to check out the podcast page.

  • A discussion on how the character of Vanessa Michael Munroe was born.
  • Dealing with self-doubt and negativity and otherwise feeling like a horrible writer: it's a universal condition.
  • On writing characters with vulnerabilities and viewing them as real people.
  • Writing what you know vs. making stuff up: everything comes from somewhere.
  • The obstacles that had to be overcome after leaving the cult, and the experience of having had my first attempts at fiction confiscated and burned when I was fourteen.
  • Is Vanessa Michael Munroe a black-and-white character? Nope. And here's what I admire most about her...
  • The thought process behind the plot in THE INNOCENT: Take my hand and I will walk you through what it was like for me growing up.
  • 2011 Art Matters with Quin Matthews on WRR101. A really good overview of the first book, the characters, and my journey into publishing.
  • 2012 Art Matters with Quin Matthews on WRR101. A second look at the characters and a more in-depth approach to my background as it relates to the plot of the second Munroe story, THE INNOCENT.

  • ONLINE Q&As:

  • Q&A with Girls Just Reading
  • Q&A with
  • 7 Questions with BookPage
  • Liz and Gianna's Generally Horrible Questions
  • Research, and Links to Interesting Things:

  • How Research Changed the Way I See the World
  • Stingrays, Dirtboxes, and Data Siphoning
  • On Civil Asset Forfeiture and Sticky Government Hands
  • Gender-Swapping Kickass Women are Nothing New
  • For some people, the fact that Michael Munroe speaks 22 languages strains all level of credulity. For this, I refer you to what it means to be a hyperpolyglot, as well the life and history of Emil Krebs, who, although not the only hyperpolyglot in history, is to me, the most fascinating (at least that I have read of so far).

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